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The deck of many things

So me and 5 other people are playing an all drow campaign set in the underdark. The first story arc being inter-house warfare, the stealthy bard character and the druid change form and sneak into this lair. The druid finds the artifact right where it should be, he opens up the little box and there finds a deck of cards. 2 draws and a radical alignment shift later we escape back to our home, without any further event.
The only problem is, we've suddenly got a drow who's gone from neutral evil to chaotic neutral (read:chaotic stupid).
2 or 3 sessions later just as our party is chasing down an important NPC everyone in the party, including the mounts starts coming down with slimy doom (think slow acting ebola). Since our only healer is the aforementioned nutty druid he starts casting spells on the party to cure the disease. But we keep getting reinfected, and the druid keeps on slapping us with healing spells. My own character, the frail bard, eventually dies, and the nutty druid was trapped in stasis by another party member for some other inter-party difficulties.
We found out after after the campaign that he used a first level spell to stave off the effects of the disease, but never actually cured anybody. He knew that most of the party was getting pissed off at a lot of his chaotic neutral bullshit. So he gave himself the disease, and spreads it to everyone else in the party. He figured that if the party was sick, he would be the only one capable of healing them, and they wouldn't kill him for a bunch of other stuff he was doing. He was wrong about the not killing him part, but I'll never forget failing all those fortitude saves and watching my pretty-boy drow bard shrivel and die.
The moral of the story is: A campaign started with a deck of many things quickly goes awry.
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