Not (quite) the British Susie Bright (pinkdormouse) wrote in rpg_tales,
Not (quite) the British Susie Bright

Tales from Whithering Depths

Last night to be specific:

There we were, a party of four, 770gp up after our first excursion into the underdark together. Tyla, my elven rogue, and the half-elf wizard had been healed (a snip at only 50gp each) and the other two had managed a good night's sleep. Our goblin tinkerer was still suffering from the curse he had acquired by sticking his hand into unholy water and the priests delightedly informed us that his curse was to be lifted by none other than the archbishop, even though he was in their words 'a lesser being, not in the form of The One True God'.

"Hey, before the curse I was human," the goblin quipped, provoking sniggers from those of elven blood.

Bad move - one lifting of the curse and a polymorph spell later and our party lost a goblin and acquired a human. How the rest of the party laughed, more so when Niblik was told he owed the church 1,350gp for the holy works. It screwed up his stats of course but Tyla, who had been composing a poem about the short-comings of the party, gained many entertaining verses from the incident.

Tyla's adventures are more generally to be found over on my own LJ.
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