The Geek Queen (thegamemistress) wrote in rpg_tales,
The Geek Queen

Archaic and proud, thank you very much

I originally posted this as a comment on roleplayers, but thought it might also be appropriate to share here:


I was running a HERO game at the local university gaming club a year or so back, and met a guy as I was coming back from a vending machine run. Upon seeing all of us sitting around a table in a lecture hall, he asked what we were doing.

"Oh, we're playing Champions," I replied. At his blank look, I elaborated, "It's a role-playing game."

He gave me an amazed look. "You mean like, Dungeons and Dragons?"

"Sort of," I replied, expecting to explain the difference between superhero and fantasy RPGs.

"You mean that people actually play with pencil and paper and not on a computer? That's so archaic!"

*shakes head*
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