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Show me your HOL

Back in my younger gamer geek days, my friends and I once held a weekend-long gamer-geek-a-thon... v:tm, shadowrun, the usual sorts... in the middle of it, looking for something different, my friend professorbooty suggested Human Occupied Landfill (HOL) as a quickie game -- just use the provided templates, no deep work involved. It sounded like a fun change of pace, so we agreed.

Let me say this now about HOL: it can be a really fun game. But there is something about it that drives even the best roleplayers to bloodthirsty madness. It can also been doom to any plot that doesn't give the characters a reason not to kill each other out of hand. As we soon found out.

Using the HOL templates meant that starting out, our cast of characters included a Silver-Surfer-lookalike, a really huge guy with his lips sewn shut, a little kid with the big gun and a rabid dog, Elvis, and the Man with No Name, plus one home-brew half-man, half-raptor, all-mouth guy.

Our GM started us all off in the typical setting -- a bar -- and a potential enemy --a group of sodomy bikers (if you don't know what they are, read the book or don't ask. no, really). Unfortunately, he also gave us no to know that the other characters weren't also potential enemies.

Some of us joined forces quickly. After the Man With No Name critically failed his dramatic entrance roll, falling on his face and breaking his nose, he quickly got sympathy from Elvis, who started his set with, "This next song goes out to the man with the broken nose."

Some of us kept to ourselves, like the huge man with his lips sewn shut, who was having enough problems on his own after the bartender agreed to serve him a drink but refused to give him a straw.

Some of us... didn't. The template for my character, the Little Kid with the Big Gun (LKBG), stated how violent and destructive he was, so I figured random violence would be in character and shot my gun off in the direction of the door, unintentionally destroying a bunch of the sodomy bikers motorcycles. They didn't take kindly to it, and a bar fight erupted.

The biker got one good punch in to me, and then it was the Silver Surfer-wannabe's turn. He made a dramatic, superheroic pose and declared, "Unhand that child!"

He was so pure, so noble sounding, so well-intentioned. It silenced the bar (and the players) for a moment.

Then, every single other character in our group (including me, currently being grappled by said sodomy biker), without coordination or even forethought, declared their next action right then and there: "I shoot the guy on the silver surfboard."

Exit one superhero.

It is, perhaps, worth mentioning that despite the fact that 95% of the players were much more into roleplaying than rollplaying, by the time the game was over more than three-fourths of the characters had been seriously injured and killed by the other players' characters. In fact, almost everyone who was in the bar died about a half-hour later, when the huge guy with his lips sewed shut went outside and destroyed the entire bar because he still hadn't been able to swallow his drink without a straw.

We never did find out what the GM's plot was going to be.
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