Ethan Bremner (uncleernie50) wrote in rpg_tales,
Ethan Bremner


this group look like fun
Hol is awesome but i never play with stock charecters... in the history of playing that game i have seen:

A cigar smoking turtle
a were bunny (if he successully made his transformation he turned into a little bunny)
a Gay-stereo type
a hermaphrodite who could change its limbs to different breeds of dogs
A sports mascot (obsessed with "team")
and the spokesperson for nuclear power

In the course of the game the sports mascot made the statement there is no "I" in team. to which the nuclear spokes person used "Voice more powerful than God" and said "There is an I in team" So from then on when the sports mascot put up banners saying "Go Team" there was always an "I" somewhere on the banner.
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